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[EPUB] ✶ Blood on the Bayou  ✻ Heather Graham – Arvoldchiropractic.com From New York Times Best Seller Heather GrahamIt S Winter And A Chill Has Settled Over The Area Near New Orleans Finding A Stream Of Blood, A Tourist Follows It To A Dead Man, Face Down In The Bayou The Man Has Been Done In By A Vicious Beating, So Violent That His Skull Has Been Crushed In It S Barely A Day Before A Second Victim Is Foundonce Again So Badly Thrashed That The Water Runs Red The City Becomes Riddled With Fear.An Old Family Friend Comes To Danni Cafferty, Telling Her That He S Terrified, He S Certain That He S Received A Message From The Blood Bayou Killer It S Your Turn To Pay, Blood On The Bayou.Cafferty And Quinn Quickly Become Involved, And As They All Begin To Realize That A Gruesome Local History Is Being Repeated They Find Themselves In A Fight To Save Not Just A Friend, But, Perhaps, Their Very Own Lives.

  • Heather Graham
  • 10 February 2017
  • Audio CD
  • 9781978603868
  • Blood on the Bayou
Blood on the Bayou

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