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✍ Geoffrey (Brethren Origins Book 5)  pdf ✎ Author Barbara Devlin – Arvoldchiropractic.com TWO STUBBORN SOULS A Dutiful Daughter Born And Bred To Serve, Lady Gertruda Marinova Anticipates Her Impending Wedding To A Nobleman She Has Long Admired In The Eleventh Hour, When The King Commands She Marry Another, A Knight She Knows Not Beyond His Name, She Is Devastated But Heartbreak Turns To Anger And Then Sheer Terror, When She Is Confined To The Tower Because Her Prospective Groom Rejects Her, In Defiance Of His Majesty Desperate To Protect Her Parents From The Sovereign S Wrath, She Tries But Fails To Reason With The Resistant Groom Can Lady Gertruda Sway Her Reluctant Fianc , Fulfill The Crown S Dictates, And Save Their Heads ONE TRUE LOVE Former Templar Knight Sir Geoffrey L Hernault Believes The Marriage Sacrament Culminates In Eternal Damnation, And No One Not Even A King, Can Convince Him Otherwise Although Lady Gertruda Is Innocent In The Games Men Play, Her Fate Is Inextricably Intertwined With His, Along With The Lives Of His Fellow Brethren While He Is Happy To Pay The Ultimate Price To Save His Soul, He Cannot In Good Conscience Imperil Her Life But The Lady Manifests Temptation Such As Geoffrey Has Never Known, And She Brings With Her A Persistent Swain Whose Devotion To Lady Gertruda Could Endanger Them Will Geoffrey Defy The Sovereign Or Take A Chance On Love

  • Barbara Devlin
  • 09 May 2017
  • Kindle Edition
  • Geoffrey (Brethren Origins Book 5)
Geoffrey (Brethren Origins Book 5)

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